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Vertigo: Are There Different Kinds? Can Anything Help?

vertigo-are-there-different-kinds-can-anything-helpVertigo can be very disconcerting. You may be relaxing and enjoying life one minute and feeling as if your world is spinning about you the next. You may also feel like you are spinning. Vertigo is put into two different categories: peripheral and central. This article will take a look at these two types and then discuss how to find relief no matter what kind you have.

Peripheral Vertigo

  • Comes on suddenly, without warning
  • Does not have an origin in the spinal cord or brain
  • May cause nausea and vomiting
  • The most common form of vertigo
  • May cause hearing loss or ringing in the ear

Central Vertigo

  • Has its origin in the central nervous system (the spinal cord and brain)
  • Not as intense as peripheral vertigo
  • Comes on slowly over time

If you suffer from vertigo, your medical doctor may recommend that you take a prescription to address some of the symptoms or go through vestibular rehabilitation. However, to see relief that is long lasting, the underlying cause of vertigo needs to be addressed.

Proper Spinal Alignment Can Relieve Vertigo

A study observed a 23-year-old woman who had been suffering from vertigo for 5 months following a concussion. She began getting care from an upper cervical chiropractor to realign her atlas bone, the top bone of the neck. She began seeing relief from her vertigo as she got adjustments to her atlas, or C1 vertebrae. After just two months, she reported that her vertigo was totally gone.

If you have a misaligned bone in the top of your neck, it may be putting your brainstem under pressure. This can act as a hindrance to communication between the brain and body. Therefore, if the brainstem tells the brain that the body is in motion when it is not, it can cause the sensation of vertigo.

We use a gentle method to help the bones realign naturally, rather than popping or cracking the neck or spine. Once the bones are readjusted, you may see relief from your vertigo. You may even see it go away entirely, such as in the above study.

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