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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Pergande with PatientsWhen most people think of chiropractic, they think of neck pain, back pain, or muscle aches. But chiropractic care can help your body work better no matter what type of health problem you may have. Everyone can benefit from a healthy spine and nervous system! If you have a health problem, we will strive to correct its cause, not just treat the symptoms. If you are symptom-free, chiropractic care is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

A healthier nervous system means a healthier you! Stress on your body’s nerve system can lead to malfunction and dis-ease and eventually result in pain and symptoms.

Restoring Alignment for Better Fucntion

Potential stress is all around us! There is physical stress from things like sitting at a desk all day. There is emotional stress from raising two kids while working full time. And then there is chemical stress from things like medications and unhealthy foods. When the body is bombarded by these stressors, misalignments can occur in the spine that affect your nervous system’s ability to function properly. This in turn diminishes your body’s ability to heal and function the way it was designed.

Our bodies were designed to have abundant health. However, issues that aren’t resolved can easily become chronic problems. As a NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Pergande is focused on restoring nerve function to facilitate healing and proper function throughout the body. Learn more about NUCCA here.

Other Chiropractic Techniques

NUCCA is Dr. Pergande’s primary adjusting approach. She also uses the Activator® instrument when appropriate. It’s ideal for certain circumstances, particularly when dealing with the extremities. For expecting moms, Dr. Pergande is certified in the Webster Technique.

Are you interested in finding out what we can do for you? Contact Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Pergande!

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