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Could the Migraine Epidemic Due to Medication Overuse?

migraine-epidemic-due-medication-overuseUsually, if you go to the doctor to get help for your migraine, you can be sure that you will leave with a prescription for over-the-counter medications you have not considered yet. A neurologist at the National Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery in the UK stated that about 2% of the headaches people experience are caused by the overuse of medication, especially when someone takes pain medication 10 to 15 days in a row.

If you experience these types of rebound headaches, what can you do to break away from this cycle? Most health care providers would suggest that you stop taking headache medications altogether. Of course, a migraine can cause nauseating pain. So staying away from medication that provides even a little relief may not be an option you would even want to consider. Sometimes, though, changing medications can take care of the problem.

However, is there a way to break free from this never-ending cycle of migraine headaches and pain medication?

Another Option for Your Migraine

We would like to introduce you to another avenue of care: upper cervical chiropractic care. This approach attacks the underlying cause of a migraine rather than just smoothing over symptoms. Did you know that a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae can trigger changes in how cerebrospinal fluid drains or in the free flow of blood to the brain through the vertebral arteries? Well, this is true. As a result, you experience a migraine. Correcting this misalignment is the first step to relieving migraines without the harsh side effects.

The techniques we use involve very gentle adjustments. There is no popping or twisting of the spine. Most of the time, our patients barely feel anything at all. They certainly notice a difference, though, once the vertebrae are realigned.

If you would like to stop this vicious cycle of migraines and pain medication that nearly 38 million other Americans are suffering from, we strongly urge you to schedule a consultation with us now at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Onalaska, Wisconsin to see how upper cervical chiropractic can help you!  


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