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Migraines and Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage Linked by Study

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Research Concerning Migraines Cerebrospinal Fluid

The UCRF , the Upper Cervical Research Foundation, has conducted research making use of the MRI machine. They came up with some interesting results. They looked at a case study of a person who had been diagnosed with migraines without aura. They used the NUCCA technique, a specialized type of chiropractic that gently helps the bones of the neck to realign. After the atlas—the top bone of the neck or C1—was realigned, a follow-up study revealed that the flow of cerebrospinal fluid had dramatically changed. Where there were previous deficiencies, this fluid was now regulated and back to normal. Intracranial pressure from improper fluid flow was also decreased. What did this mean for the patient? He reported that his migraines were alleviated and he continued maintenance care for a period of 16 weeks with no returning migraines.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Helps Migraine Patients

If a misalignment occurs in the C1 bone of the neck, it can cause the drainage issues noted above. This can cause pressure to build up in the brain as cerebrospinal fluid pools. Using the NUCCA technique, an upper cervical chiropractor may be able to help patients get some relief from. This gentle technique does not involve popping or twisting the spine. Rather, it encourages the bones to move back into place naturally, thereby restoring communication throughout the body. As a result, many find that they experience fewer migraines or may even get complete relief.

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