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Migraines: One Extreme Measure or All-Natural Relief?

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Did you know that migraines are more common than diabetes, epilepsy, and asthma combined? In fact, WHO (The World Health Organization) rates migraines among one of the top 20 most disabling illnesses in the world. Migraines are a neurological condition known for throbbing head pain. When you experience a migraine, the only thing you are thinking about is how to get rid of it. Research is constantly being done to help those with migraines find relief, and some extreme measures are available.


An Extreme Way to Care for Migraines

A forehead lift is being used as an extreme measure intended to help migraine sufferers cope.  In Cleveland, Ohio, a plastic surgeon has been performing this kind of surgery with the goal of decompressing the nerves of the head that cause migraine pain. Dr. Guyruron reports success among his patients; however, it comes with serious risks while the root cause of the problem is going uncared for.

Caring for the Root Cause of Migraines Naturally

Here at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Onalaska, WA, we see positive results when caring for our patients suffering from migraines. This is because we understand the delicate relationship between a misalignment in the bones of the upper neck and migraines. If a misalignment happens in this location, the brainstem becomes stressed, blood vessels and nerves become irritated, blood and spinal fluid flow are hindered, and communication to the brain is distorted. This leads to a number of serious neurological conditions, including migraines.

To correct this misalignment, we use a gentle method that encourages the bones to move back into place naturally. We are not required to pop or crack the spine. When the bones realign, the nerves that were being compressed are relieved, leading to repair of the damage inflicted by the misalignment. The body begins communicating properly once again and long-lasting relief from migraines is often experienced.

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